Aug 25, 2010

7 year old Jason Walter - KILLED by Pit Bulls

Dogs attacked and caused the death of a 7-year-old La Salle boy this morning on a rural property between Varna and Wenona, according to the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and coroner.

The sheriff’s department received a 911 call at about 7:15 a.m. Wednesday “advising of a dog attack at the Eric Shanklin Farm, approximately 2 miles northeast of Varna,” according to the report. An area resident advised that an Eric Shanklin is a renter of the house at that site.

“Jason T. Walter, 7, was outside the rural residence when he was attacked by a number of dogs. Family members found him lying in the driveway outside the residence and called 911,” according to the report. Marshall County Coroner Dave Lenz pronounced Walter dead "a short time later.”

“Four dogs, three pit bulls and a mixed breed, owned by other residents on the property were captured and taken to the Marshall County veterinary clinic to be euthanized and taken to Galesburg for further investigation,” according to the sheriff’s department’s initial report. Sheriff Rob Russell initially said the mixed breed was personally owned by Shanklin, but he did not provide any other specific information on the ownership of the dogs.

Walter was a student in the second grade at Northwest School, La Salle, superintendent Dan Marenda confirmed. After learning about the death, the La Salle school district was in the process of making social workers available to school children.

The sheriff’s department was assisted by Wenona Ambulance, Varna Fire and Ambulance and Lifeflight. State police and Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and the coroner continue to investigate.



    they are calling this second fatality today, a boxer. although it could be, i am always suspicious of "labs" and "boxers".

  2. past pit bull ownerAugust 25, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    When are people going to get tired enough of this awful news to do something about it? And craven, I read the Iron Ridge story. All I can say is, if it's a boxer, show it to us.

  3. this does appear to be a boxer. i'm glad they put the photo up.

  4. Meet the Dog bite fality victims of Illinois:

    Jason Walter
    7 years old/La Salle IL
    August 25, 2010
    Tenant’s 3 Pit Bulls and family owned mixed breed

    Johnny Wilson
    56 years old/Chicago IL
    Daughter’s Pit Bull breeding business

    Alex Arguillo
    4years old/Chicago IL
    January 11, 2009
    Foster family’s Rottweiler

    Olivia Rozek
    3-weeks old |/Bourbonnais, IL
    January 19,2009
    Rescued Husky

    Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage
    3-years old | Johnson City, IL
    June 27, 2009
    Mother’s Pit Bull mixes during visitation

    Rosie Humphreys
    85-years old | Flora, IL
    November 30, 2009
    Neighbor’s Pit Bull broke chain, off-property

    Lydia E. Chaplin
    14-years old | Erie, IL
    January 25, 2009
    Neighbors Pit Bull mixes..Lydia’s Law

    Anna Cieslewicz
    48 years old/River Forrest IL
    January 12, 2003
    Stray Pit Bull

    Tiona Kenney
    6 months old/
    Morgan Park,IL
    July 19, 1990
    Neighbor’s Pit Bull

    Kevin Cull
    25 years old/Geneva, IL
    November 11, 1988
    Friends Pit Bull

  5. Good thing these dogs were destroyed before kooky pit bull advocates rushed to their defense in an attempt to rescue them.

  6. So much for pit bulls, and dogs in general, giving "unconditional love" 24/7, like the pit bull propagandists would have us believe. If pit bulls are so sweet, why do they EVER maul people to death?

  7. Pit bull cultists have such a bad attitude. Their sacred cow can do no wrong. And when it does, they either blame the victim or the owner, but never say anything negative about the dog itself. In fact, the dog is often made out to be the victim! These people use horrible twisted "logic".

  8. This breed should be neutered out of existence. It needs to go extinct. Beady-eyed liabilities is what they are.

  9. Why would you protect beasts? What about these children? Dogs are suppose to be domesticated IF they can go back to their old ways & kill a 7 yr old boy then they are not pets but weapons in the hands of irresposible owners.
    Jason Walters was killed by dogs,but the owner is responsible. RIP little dude : ... (,if he could talk he would but he no longer is alive to do so because of pitbulls running loose,tell me did he have a chance against 4 strong dogs built to kill?

  10. uhm do you think the mother had every part of it where was she? she should of been right there with him going outside he shouldnt have been outside by himself end of story... Rest in peace Jason Walter.

  11. That's why it is important to not maintain a pack of Canine IEDs on the property. Poor kid going out to his Mom's car to retrieve his back pack..I guess his Mom should have escorted him with a gun!

    These were defective Nanny Dogs...the product of criminally irresponsible breeding.

  12. Yes this is a very trajic and unfortunate incident and my thoughts go to all the families. But to people who think this breed is "dangerous" and can't understand why dogs would do such horrible things;.. it's because pit breeders and dog fighters to the most horrible things to these dogs. From lighting them on fire to pure physical abuse to starvation. How can you not expect a dog to mean after that?! And if the dog is not strong enough for a fight.. guess where it goes... on the streets... it happens. I have 2 pit bulls both of which I rescued off the streets while they were still young and they are my best friends and the sweetest puppies! So dont hate the breed or the owner... hate the reason why vicious dogs are vicious.

  13. To the most recent Anonymous:

    "But to people who think this breed is "dangerous" and can't understand why dogs would do such horrible things;.. it's because pit breeders and dog fighters to the most horrible things to these dogs. From lighting them on fire to pure physical abuse to starvation. How can you not expect a dog to mean after that?!"

    How can we not expect a dog to be mean after that? It is called Greyhound Rescue. Abused, untrained, unsocialized dogs are placed in homes with families everyday without incident. Please become educated on the histories, genetics and current situations of these two breeds, and then you will see it is not the owners at all but the dogs themselves. If you still need more help, read up about what trainers and pit bull rescues say about pit bulls. Here's a hint: no other breed requires month long crating for desensitization and break sticks.

  14. If I knew there were pit bulls anywhere my children were, I would not be there! let alone let them go out there by them selves.I own a large dog and when there are any children present my dog is OUT of the house! I value HUMAN life over ANIMALS lives. People today seem to forget they are not our best friends they are AMIMALS eat with there mouth, lick their own private,four on the floor ANIMALS not HUMAN. The only victim here is Jason. Pitt bulls are a breed raised for killing, they are not sweet loving animals, their breed needs to be destroyed, how many more need to die or be mamed? In many cities there ordanances prohibiting having them this needs to happen everywhere. try telling your insurance company you own a pitt bet they won't cover you! I knew Jason personally he was a timid little boy, but sweet as can be if he decided to let you into his life which he did not do to many.I know I miss him everyday. His momma Diane she will live a hell the rest of her life with what could have, should have been,with an empty hole in her heart where her first born once was, to only try to mend it with the memories of her life for the last 7 years she was blessed to spend with him. There is no pain greater than the loss of a child.

  15. You people are idiots. I have six pit bulls and they stay in my yard and other peoples dogs routinely come in my yard and get either tore up by my dogs or shot by me. There's an easy solution for all this... follow my lead and keep your dogs in your own yard and while your at it keep your kids in your own yard and u won't have to worry about neither one of them.

  16. Yes, anon, I will definately keep my dogs and myself cowering in my house in fear of pit bulls. I will NEVER walk my dogs down a public street in fear that I may offend a pit bull and consequently be punished for my crime by being attacked.

    I am going to assume that your dogs are chained to trees and that you have no fence, since all those dogs that your pits have killed and you have shot have been able to easily enter your yard.

    In other words you're a typical redneck pit bull owner. I somehow prefer you over the rescue angel pit owner, at least people don't have to wonder if you and your dogs are dangerous.

    Maybe I will follow your lead and get a gun...just in case a pit enters my yard, I'll be prepared. But, then I'll be labeled a killer for daring to shoot such a sweet innocent dog who only wanted to say hello to my dogs.... normal dog owners just can't win.


  17. Why would you want to own 6 dogs that can/have rip up other dogs? What would happen if your dogs got loose? This is why pit bulls must be banned beacuse of people like this that thinks aggression is acceptable.

  18. This is an unfair site. Did you know that a Pit Bull was the 1st dog to win a medal of honor from the US government? I have a pitty that works as a therapy dog. It's the ignorant people that own the breed for "tough looks" that destroy the credibility of the breed. According to the AKC, the American Standard Poodle is the most "fatal" dog. Bulls even beat the golden retriever in the AKC test for gentle behavior. Do the damn research.

  19. Our neighbors pit bull dog has come through our fence so many times it is ridiculous. We left for an hour last week and came home to find the pit in our back yard. Our Bichon was mauled to the extent I don't want to even mention and he died. We have a doggie door that goes to the back yard. I do know that our neighbor has not trained his dog to kill because he has 2 little kids. So YOU tell ME what is wrong with this picture. All pit should be put to sleep!

  20. If Pit Bulls go extinct then criminals will just get another dog breed and mess that breed up too. I’m a teenager and I can see that, most of you are adults and are supposed to know more than me. I guess that’s a big fat lie. You can breed out bad traits in dogs, I had to say this four times today already and it’s beginning to piss me off, if they can do it with English Bull Dogs they can do it with Pit Bulls. I am not ashamed of myself for loving Pit Bull type dogs or any other dog targeted by the BSL law, I am proud that I love these dogs. Everyone and everything needs love. God Put animals on earth before humans for a reason, why he did it I do not know only God knows that and if he wants us to know that he will reveal it to us. No one seems to say anything about the Border Collie tries to rip a child’s face off or when a Golden Retriever runs into a neighbor’s house kills their Yorkshire Terrier by grabbing it and shaking it like a rag doll. Why won’t you mention those attacks? Most of you sound like hateful hypocrites just so as you know.

    For al those people who try to point out that you can fix the genetics of the Pit Bull types or point out that criminals want Pit Bulls because it makes them look tough and mentioned that their dog is very nice; don’t get mad because these ignorant people say otherwise despite the proof being right in front of them. They wanna be hateful and bitter let them be hateful and bitter. When Border Collies or some other breed of dog tops Pit Bulls on the most dangerous dogs list they’ll complain about those dogs and their owners too.

  21. Are all pitbulls the same ???
    should we eradicate the breed because some people think they are ??
    How far do we go ??
    eradicate all dangerous animals ??
    how about the most dangerous of all animals
    The total number of murder's in the U.S.A. for 2006 ( 17,030 ) 2007 ( 16,929 ) 2008 ( 16,442 ) and 2009 ( 15,241 )
    HOW FAR DO WE GO ?????


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