Oct 7, 2010

Witnesses: Teen girl hit by car was fleeing pit bull

Henry County High School student Miracle Parham was struck by a Saturn on Jonesboro Road, just east of Rosewood Drive, at 7:20 a.m. She was in the middle of the road when she was hit by the eastbound vehicle, Maj. Jason Bolton said.

Miracle was walking to her school bus stop when she encountered the dog, which witnesses described as a pit bull, Bolton said. Witnesses told police the dog was approaching her aggressively, prompting Miracle to back up into the street, Bolton said.

Miracle was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Saturn driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to Henry Medical Center for evaluation, Bolton said.

A 14-year-old girl, who was reportedly trying to get away from an aggressive pit bull, was hit by a car and killed in McDonough Tuesday morning, Henry County Police said.

"I don't think they're going to be at fault," Bolton said of the unidentified driver. "She was in the center of the road.

"We're trying to establish who owns the dog," he added. "We think we might know the house the dog came from."

Letting a dog roam is an ordinance violation, Bolton said. Police also might pursue criminal charges against the dog owner, depending on what the investigation reveals.

"It's still early in the investigation -- we're looking into the possibility," Bolton said. "There is a potential for charges to be filed, but we've got to establish several criteria."


  1. Another "non-bite" fatality. It won't even get counted in the statistics...so sad. I can't imagine how the family must feel. Or the driver of the car. How horrible.


  2. That's absolutely horrible. I hate those damn dogs, I really do. Was the dog captured, or is it still on the loowe?

  3. I have a question, are mauling reports (fatal or non) reported on normal bite statistics or not?

  4. http://blog.chako.org/2010/08/labrador-and-cattle-dog-maul-three-year.html

  5. We just got a picture taken of my baby daughter being kissed by a Vick Dog at the national pit bull awareness day.......it was SUPER CUTE!!!!

  6. Educated (mail order I'm sure) your point is??

    Anon, would that Vick dog happen to be Tug maybe? In case you don't know Tug ripped the head off of another dog, Beans, and attacked another one in just one night. Nothing cute about putting your baby in danger.

  7. A dog that possibly killed another dog and most likely spent the day with its head buried in its crouch "kisses" you baby and you think its cute. Where is child services?? And why do nutters think stories like this make any difference when pit bull attacks are happening on a daily basis??

  8. If Michael Vick’s dogs can be rehabilitated and turned into therapy dogs then that should prove that other dogs that have been treat badly can be rehabilitated. Now there are some that are to far gone and sadly have to put to sleep but for ever Pit Bull put to sleep there is one that is making sick patients at a hospital smile.

  9. Hey pitbull princess
    What you are saying is not very intelligent. You say that because 2 or 3 of Michael Vicks dogs are being used as therapy dogs, it makes the hundreds of killings okay?
    And anyway, I hate to be the one to to bust your bubble but pit bulls usually just snap one day for no reason. Just because they haven't snapped yet does not mean that they wont. God forbid that happens to some innocent sick person but there is definitely a good chance that it could happen.

  10. @StopMakingExcuses

    I figured you would be the one to comment. If Pit Bulls are so evil then why are some of them now K9 Police Officers? Why do people train them as therapy dogs if they’re so evil? Why was one awarded a Medal during World War II? Also more than just three of the former Michael Vick’s dogs are used for therapy dogs, if one of them attacked and/or killed someone than how come it wasn’t on the news? I looked for any news of any former Vick dogs attacking but none have attacked anyone or anything. Below are the links of the cuddly breeds of dogs that have attacked and in some cases killed people and other animals. It’s only a matter of time before Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Corgis, Labrador Retrievers and Newfoundlands are banned for their vicious tendencies in America.











    All these dogs were supposed to be “sweet, clam, playful, loving and non dangerous dogs” all because they weren’t Pit Bulls. So does this mean that these breeds are dangerous or it the owners of the dogs? Are all these attack bad or is it only bad when it’s a Pit Bull? After all I’d be afraid of any dog named Kujo(or Cujo however you spell it) no matter what breed.


    Pit Bull Princess? Calling me Pit Bull Princess didn’t lower my confidence, it just increased it.

  11. I won't dispute your claim of Pb's being K9 dogs. But I hardy think that just a small handful is even worth mentioning.

    And the same goes for therapy dogs. There are only a very small number of pb's used as therapy dogs. You want to know why people train Pits as therapy dogs? I can tell you why. Because pb apologists view it as a way to prove that pb's are not vicious or dangerous. In my opinion it does not do that.
    On that note, have you ever looked at the requirements for a dog to be a therapy dog? They are laughable, and hardly an excuse for you to say that because a few are, the breed is not dangerous.
    Not when you look at all the attacks and killings made by these dogs. Of course, in Pit nutters eyes it is just the best thing in the world to be able to say that pits are therapy dogs.

    PB apologists have you tricked into thinking that because pits are villified when they attack, that so will Golden Retrievers or other "sweet" breeds.
    Not True! These breeds were not specifically bred to kill, Pits were.

    I know it is so hard for you to grasp the concept that Pits are born vicious, not made that way by people, but I am telling you that you keep playing with fire, you will get burned.

    So what, you posted 10 attack stories by breeds other than Pits?
    Pits killed more than 10 people last year alone.

    Yes, I know nutter. We see Labs, Retrievers, Weims, and Collies attacking like crazy on the news. You just can't trust the vicious bastards.

  12. (Well I guess I’m staying around for a while then)

    You’re aware that with proper breeding glitched genetics can be corrected. A perfect example; the Shire horse, easily recognized for their large size, dark colors and feathering on their legs. I use the Shire as an example of a genetics being corrected. The ancestry of the Shire, Equus Mangus was an ill tempered horse breed that could work hard but was more stubborn than a Mule. Now how did they correct the genetics of the draft horses of today? Simple another horse breed know as the Arabian along with several other breeds were crossed to this aggressive breed and then those horses were crossed with native stock and the native stock were crossed onto others horses till in the end the Shire horse. Shires are know also for their gentle temperaments, gentle enough for young children to groom, ride and even lead around. However keep in mind this doesn’t mean the children shouldn’t be supervised while caring for such a large horse. Now I use this as an example to show that if something is bred for a malicious purpose it is possible to only breed dogs with the most placid tempers. That is how you solve a problem, without killing the innocent. It’s also been proven by the ATTS that the real most dangerous dog breed is the Skye Terrier. Here are the average passing rates for Pit Bull types as well as the Skye Terrier.






    Now I know what your going to say; this is all propaganda to get people onto the pit bull agenda and that therefore makes me a “crazy pit bull lover“. If those dogs attacked it would mean the results of their tests were really trumped up. That would be considered evidence tampering and obstruction which is illegal. Since this is illegal then wouldn’t the people who ran the ATTS and the owners of the dogs be liable or even arrested and charged with a crime? This is just” The Boogeyman” tactic. There are plenty of dog breeds that show aggressive tendencies that are not Pit Bulls or any other breed targeted by BSL. No two dogs are alike just like no humans are alike. There are a few questions I want answered; why did those other breeds attack out of the blue without being provoked? Why are Newfoundlands considered dangerous? Why wasn’t that Border Collie euthanized after attacking the little girl? Also if you notice you have to go online to find a story about a Pit Bull protecting it’s home and family but you rarely catch it on the news. After all the media never mentioned the Border Collie attack on the news. Now my heart does go out to the families that have lost beloved pets and family members to Pit Bulls but rather than blame the owner many blame the breed. What really causes dogs that would normally be sweet and easy going snap ? Poor ownership, over breeding and lack of early socialization. Just look at Dalmatians who are now so over bred finding a healthy and sane one is hard. Now with the Pit Bulls criminals use their own breeding techniques, they only breed aggressive dogs and only select the aggressive pups from the litter. Any pups that don’t exhibit the aggressiveness that dog fighters seek or are unwilling to attack another dog is killed or used as a bait dog for other fighting dogs.

    Learn the truth before you judge something based on the frenzied ideology of frightened and confused people. Any dog breed can have its reputation and genetics tarnished by ignorant and malicious people.


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