Oct 27, 2010

Memphis man injured in Pit Bull attack


Clarence Oliver attacked by pit bulls Neighbors say the dogs have been a problem for a while Animal shelter says dogs will be put to sleep

(Memphis 10/27/2010) Clarence Oliver has dog bites over much of his body

The pit bulls responsible are in the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Clarence and his wife were checking out a rental property on Benton Street Saturday.

They knew dogs lived next door.

"They were always in cages. I could hear them barking, but I didn't fear them. They were in cages," says Clarence Oliver.

A neighbor across the street tried to alert them about a problem.

"The problem they had in the neighborhood is the neighbor with the pit bulls. As she was explaining that, all of a sudden she yells out, 'here they come'. They came running out of the backyard," says Clarence.

Clarence Oliver got his young son out of the way as the dogs bit into his arms and legs.

"They were fighting in a pack, attacking both sides of me. I was kicking," he says.

He says the dogs even bit their owner. Another person had to use a shovel to get the dogs back inside.

By then, Clarence was unconscious.

"After the dogs knocked him down, he was on the ground with his eyes open. I thought he was gone," says Clarence's wife Sandra.

Her husband had a fractured skull.

Neighbors say the dogs had been in trouble before, even killing one neighbor's smaller dog.

"I am afraid to come outside. I look and look and look before I come out because I am afraid of those dogs," says neighbor Gustella Conley.

Now the dogs are under a 10 day quarantine at the shelter.

"Three adult dogs, five adult puppies were surrendered to the shelter by the owner. By ordinance and to protect the public they will be euthanized once the quarantine period expires," says Animal Shelter Director Matthew Pepper.

"Shouldn't nobody have a pit bull dog. These dogs are vicious. To me they are killer dogs," says Sandra Oliver.

Mr. Oliver is expected to be in the hospital a few more days.

Neighbors say they had called about the dogs before, but the owners always got them back.

This time the owners turned the dogs over to be put down.

But those owners are still not in the clear.

They have a November 14th court date on charges of dogs running at large and not having proper vaccinations and licenses.

Also, this is a new Pit Bull attack story that happened in Memphis TN.

(Memphis 11/21/2010) An eight-year-old girl attacked by a pit bull in Whitehaven was recovering at home, after being released from LeBonheur Children's Hospital with 42 stitches.


Eight-year-old Terriona Rhea was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull on Saturday afternoon.

Rhea received 42 stitches at LeBonheur Children's Hospital.

She said she still loves dogs.

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  1. I hope they throw the book at this guy. It's the only way he'll learn. Hopefully they'll ban him from owning any breed of dog permanently. The neighbors shouldn't of had to live in fear like that.


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