Oct 27, 2010

Newborn attacked and killed by Pit Bull

This is just horrible!
A newborn baby was attacked by the "loving, sweet, family Pit Bull", that has "never shown any signs of aggression", who "was raised since the day it was born", and "has never been beaten or abused".


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Investigators are trying to figure out why a family's pit bull described as a "very loving dog" attacked a 3-day-old baby in Arlington Sunday night.

Police said they when they arrived at the home on Dickson Road in Arlington at 10:40 p.m., the baby was being transported to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, where the boy died.

The baby's father told Channel 4 that he and his family are devastated by the loss of their new son, Justin Valentin. He said the dog attacked the baby on the bed while the mother took a shower.

"I don't know what happened," the father, Mark Valentin, said. "My wife went to the restroom and the dog got to the baby. We're not neglectful parents."

The father said he and his family are grieving over the loss of their child.

Valentin said that the dog never showed any signs of aggression toward anyone in their family, adding that his 4-year-old son "has never had any problems with this dog."

The father said he had raised the dog since the day it was born, and he said it was a very nice and loving dog who was never beaten.

Valentin said the pit bull had gotten loose before in the past, but it was returned by neighbors with his tail still wagging. Officers with animal care who picked the dog up after the attack painted a much different picture, saying that the pit bull was extremely aggressive with them.

"I want parents to know ... don't think you'll be quick enough," Valentin said. "It can happen in the blink of an eye."

The young, red pit bull was turned over to Jacksonville Animal Control and Protective Services, then euthanized at the request of the family.

Police, animal control officials and the Department of Children and Families are all investigating.

In a separate case Monday night, Manatee County deputies fatally shot a pit bull that charged them after attacking a 5-year-old boy in Bradenton. Authorities said the boy tried to climb a tree to get away, but the dog bit into his arm and tried to pull him down.

"I would never recommend leaving an animal alone with an infant, period," Animal Control Officer Robert Currey said. "Even if it's a family pet, you never know how they're going to react to a new, basically, living being in the residence with them -- which is basically the animal's territory."

One local lawmaker is working to change the state's law on dangerous dogs. State Sen. Tony Hill said this latest tragedy of an infant dying gives him more reason to push for change.

The current law, which was passed in 1990, prohibits counties from passing laws that are specific to certain breeds, meaning there cannot be special restrictions for pit bulls, for instance.

In the spring, Hill proposed a bill that would remove that restriction. The bill didn't make it out of committee, but Hill said he will try again. He said that if his bill passes, cities and counties would be able to pass laws that require pit bulls to be muzzled or on a leash, for example.


  1. This just tears me up. HOW can parents be so negligent, stupid, irresponsible, idiotic, and moronic?! I am very surprised their other son has never been bitten. I do wonder if he or other family members had been threatened(growled at) by this dog, and they just ignored it....

    Another gentle, loving, family pet turned into a raging monster because of its genetics. Big surprise.

  2. welcome back. i am sorry it took another tragedy to get you blogging again.

  3. he he... I find your biased website to be a joke

  4. What's so funny about an infant being mauled by the loving family pit bull? Do you not see the tradgedy that could have EASILY been prevented? It's NOT A JOKE!

  5. what is funny is how consumers of badrap.org and animalfarmfoundation.org think that this blog biased.

    and by funny, i mean funny sad that people are that stupid.

  6. I love pit bulls. This should have never happened. I lay all the blame with the parents. Small children should never ever be left alone with dogs. The breed is immaterial. The parents in this case failed their son and their dog. Both of which payed the ultimate price.

  7. I blame the breeder of this animal and Pit Bull Advocacy groups for for this legalized murder.

    152 Piticides since the CDC report and counting...

  8. @The anonymous who posted 2/6/11 at 2:24 AM

    I don't see you outraged over the PARENTS who rape, beat and neglect their children and the get caught after the children die. Why aren't you angry over that? Besides it's based on how a particular dog was bred not the whole entire breed. It's also been proven that you can breed the aggressive traits out a a dog breed. Bull Dogs, and by Bull Dogs I mean the short stocky dogs that lumber around, were bred for the same thing Pit Bull type dogs were breed for but you don't see people running and screaming when they see them. Why don't they? Because that trait for bred out of the breed so now they are loving, happy couch potatoes. Instead of killing off an entire breed of dog that can actually do some good just breed out their aggressive traits. Has no one seriously thought abut that? What ever happened to rational thinking on this planet? Now this child should have never been left alone with ANY TYPE OF DOG! That is the bottom line it doesn’t matter what breed it is, my mother didn’t even let our Chihuahua get near me when I was a baby.


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